About Us


On the long run and the outlook in the Indian Media, Marketing and Pursuit domain continues to be vigorous and optimistic and SquadM has major plans for growth and investment in this domain. Our Goal is to nurture both organically and naturally, and we are committed in creating long term sustainable shareholder value through the successful implementation of our growth plan.

SquadM diplomacy is to maintain its unique leadership position across the Marketing, Media and Communications domain by continuing to grow its businesses in the hard and dedicated way in the conventional services area as also expanding its presence in the Thinker Properties Arena. Our aim is to convert path-breaking innovative ideas in assets across the Marketing, Entertainment, Sports and Fashion domain in order to create long term value for Brand SquadM as well as our Clients and Investors. This is in keeping with the evolving and dynamic changes and growth in the Marketing, Media and Communication Industry in India and would enable SquadM to bring greater focus, synergy, efficiencies and diversity in its services offering to its stakeholders.


  • Address:No:5, First Floor,
    Loop Lane Off Race Course Road,
  • Email: info@squadm.com
  • Website: www.squadm.co.in
  • Phone: +91 80 22352233, 080-22266611